13 April, 2014

Travis Manion Workout

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.02.54 PM

Click the picture and search for “DOWN EAST ATHLETICS” to register.

Rob has asked us to host this event next Saturday for his friend who was killed in a firefight in Iraq in 2007, and we surely will.

To register for our team, click the picture above and search for “DOWN EAST ATHLETICS” … and then show up next Saturday to our regularly scheduled 10:00 AM workout…  and be ready to run and squat a whole lot.

Travis paid the ultimate sacrifice and we ask that you please show your support for this organization.

Please see John or Rob if you have any questions.

Thank you!

8 April, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014








Meeting MWF through June 27





If you’re hoping this says something different than the Facebook post, you’re out of luck…

Copying and pastiiiiiiiiiiing NOW!

Sooooo NEXT Friday, March 28… our Intro Class is going to be FINISHED. And for our LAST class, we are going to do a TEAM WORKOUT at 5:30 PM with EVVVVVeryone who is here.
I know many people are lazy on Friday PMs and don’t want to work out… or they’re just getting a head start on terrorizing the neighborhood… smashing mailboxes and ding dong ditching…
BUT… if EVERYONE can PLEASE delay their toootally busy Friday night plans a bit to come to the 5:30 PM session to give our Intro folks a high five and exercise with and/or next to them… we would grrrrreeeeatly appreciate it. And if you usually come in the AM or at a different time of day, we’ll (I’ll) make sure that workout sucks way more than the team workout in an attempt to force you to come at 5:30. (And I promise the team workout will be neither as long nor as bad as our 1 year party…)
The Intro class is (are?) a bunch of troopers… spending a lot of time in that ol’ lawnmower shoppe up front… with that lovely, lush, oil-stained indoor/outdoor green carpet. (I think it’s actually starting to grow on me though.) They definitely deserve a high five.
AND we’ll make sure there’s a bag of chips and a two-liter of RC Cola or 5 Alive for refreshments so we can call it a party.




Just letting everyone know that your food for your mid-week pick up is in the fridge NOW (Wednesday afternoon).

Come get it today if you can/want!


18 March, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014



Meeting MWF through June 27


For everyone in the current Intro Course, don’t forget that we are offering half off your first month.  


I do ask… PLEASE do not view this 8 Week Intro as a “boot camp” or a “get in shape for summer” or a “do something for 8 weeks and then stop.”  That was never our intent for starting this.  There is no “quick fix” when it comes to this stuff.  It takes a loooooong time to get “in shape” or “fit” or “strong” or “ripped” or whatever adjective associated with “fitness” you choose.  Even getting to the bottom of a squat can take longer than 8 weeks for some.

At the same time, 8 weeks is PLENTY long enough for you to get at least SOMEwhat familiar with mostly everything we do in here, so there should be no need to feel you are “not ready” to jump in with the regular program!  So keep coming!  Use this 8 Week Intro as just that… an INTRODUCTION … to what we do in here.  And if you hated your life these past almost-8 weeks, and you hate this place, and you never want to work out hard again, then that’s fine!  I am glad we were able to introduce you to something you now know you never want to do again!  You’re welcome!  But really, I think most of our members hate this place.  Working out totally sucks.  Anyone who says differently, or has never at least had that thought, is not working hard.  And … maybe one day I’ll say something different… but at this point in my life… I don’t understand working out if you’re not going to work hard…sometimes even working so hard that you make your brain and body feel soooo weird that you question why you do this to yourself.  Not EVERY time… but I think we train FOR those times… and USE those times to make us stronger and better in our lives outside of this place.

Also, it seems like no one is really doing that “300 Kettlebell Swings a Day” thing anymore…. so there’s that.

5 March, 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014




Clicking the pic will take you to that link.

I’ve been seeing that several people here have decided to do this.  And that’s cool.  If you’re still planning on doing our daily workouts, you may still be bending over and/or using your lower back and/or putting things over your head.  That’s all.  I’m not saying don’t do it.  And I’ve never done any tests to see how doing 9,000 kettlebell swings affects anything else.  So maybe bending over and putting a heavy thing over your head 9,000 times will totally help doing the heavy front squats, deadlifts, and snatches we do this month.  Maybe your grip will be stronger for the rope climbs and pull ups and other things that require grip strength.  Or maaaaaaayyyyybe not.  I guess the only way to find out is to do 9,000 kettlebell swings this month… and then… compare your results to someone else who didn’t do them… who may or not have been at the same ability level as you and may have gotten bad sleep or bad nutrition while you also may have gotten bad sleep or bad nutrition… or good sleep and bad nutrition… or vice versa…. so … or……I……. actually there’s no way for us to know for sure.  If people are getting hurt, then maybe the kbs are not helping.  If they are not, maybe they are…. or nothing is changing.  So go ahead… bend away.

I just think 9,000 is a goofy number.  It should be 10,000.  That would allow you to bend over 1,000 more times and only have to do 33.333333333 more swings per day.  And you’d be doing a way cooler number.   9,000 is kinda…… you know….  [making inappropriate gesture with fingers.]



25 February, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It’s just so much better without a caption.

Am I alone in feeling like I have just come out of hibernation with this weather?  Seriously… I didn’t even realize how not happy I was until this weather started getting nice.  And here I am now… just loving every day way more than I did a few weeks ago.  Ice storms are for kids and people who live further from the equator.  Get over yourself, Nature.

Oh and that pic above… I just like searching Google for a topic I’m semi-interested in and then finding the goofiest or most unrelated thing I can find.  So there you have it.  That pic was found under something like, “weather better mood.”   I wonder if it would have even popped up if I’d searched for “headless shifty-eyed lady in black cloud skirt dusting her head.”

The “competitive exercise season” is about to start and I hadn’t really cared until this weather started picking up.  Now, out of nowhere…. I’m more eager to train, I don’t perceive as much discomfort during nastily uncomfortable workouts, all my lifts feel faster and tighter, … I just feel better.  And I just have to think the weather has something/everything to do with it.  I remember it in college too.  I went to school in Milwaukee, which was nastily cold most of the year.  And you would see nooooo one outside or out ANYwhere enjoying life when it was stupidly cold.  Then the first nice day, evvvveryone just brightens right the heck up and is out shotgunning beers in the street and making other questionable life decisions.

Since I started typing this (several days ago :( ) , I’ve already talked to some and already know that others feel the same way I do.  Which is just faaaantastic.  Just a nice hippity happity good warm bright vibe in the gym now.  And we get to open all the doors.  Which is way pleasant.  And since so many of us seem to feel the same way, we can all keep this positive vibe going all spring and summer.  I know it will still get a bit cold some days … and it’s not “everyone take their shirts off because they weigh 30 pounds because it’s humid as hell and we’re doing burpee box jumps” season just yet (even though I’ve already had my first shirtless training session and it was NOICE) … but it’s NOT far away… so don’t give me any crap about saying all this “nice weather” stuff too early.  I’m being positive.  Negativity is for kids and for people who live in places where they can’t go to the beach in February.


This is one of the pics that shows up when you search Google for “february”….


“Hey… who feels like shoveling the front porch so I can get outside and walk to the car so I can turn it on and let it start to defrost so I can attempt to scrape ice off that is buried beneath all the snow I have to sweep off so I can drive slowly to the gym so I can change into workout attire so I can do cleans and chin ups?”

When I look at that picture… I do NOT think, “Gee… I feel like exercising hard and/or fast right now.”

But just a few days ago… I was pretending I knew how to stand on boards and “ride” waves in the Atlantic Ocean…


February in the place you live.

And when I look at THAT… I’m like, “Man… I feel like sweating my face off in the gym while wearing nothing but skimpy shorts and a beard.”

In a few months, I could very well be saying, “Summer sucks… I’m too hot.”  But I really am excited to be a sweaty mess in here.  Going through 3 or 4 shirts a day… as many pairs of underwear…


July at your gym.

Yyyyyep… good weather means more vitamin D means good vibe means happy humans exercising means more consistency means better results means everyone loves their lives.


did you know…


If you search Google


“i love my life”






18 February, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

photo (34)

Don’t forget to pick up a bracelet.  Wear it so you can read it, and remind yourself to be tough like Cherilyn.

9 February, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.20.20 PM

YOU KNOW IT! Don’t worry… only one lamp got broken in the process.

HELLO. For at least a little while, (and we’ve already started sort of) some 5:30 AM sessions will not have an “instructor.” We will still continue to open and have the daily workout, and we will have someone knowledgeable there for tips/guidance. You and your neighbors will also give each other pointers and make sure no one is doing things too weirdly, but there will not be an actual “INSTRUCTOR.” Not every day, but definitely some days. This will be at least until we can have consistent help in the early AM. On days that are more “technical,” or where we think people DO need instruction, we will definitely make sure there is an instructor. Just an FYI. I promise it will all be ok. I love you all.

5 February, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2013


1000 pieces, even with cropping the original painting.

Puzzles are awesome.  I used to do the NY Times Crossword every day.  I couldn’t do them in like 2 minutes like some of those freaks do, but I could do them… EVEN Friday ones and a GOOD AMOUNT of Saturday ones … which are way harder than the other days of the week.  And as many of us know, I’ve been completing Rubik’s cubes for about a month and a half now.

The more you do puzzles… the better you get at them.  (JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE.)  And in working on this puzzle, I am finding it relatable to training.  Towards the end of all my recent puzzle-working sessions, I have a headache, I can’t think straight, I hate my life, my back hurts, etc.  Then I take a break, I get motivated again, I come back, and I’m better than I was before… sticking pieces in their slots right away… easily recognizing patterns and shapes that I didn’t before.  But it takes tiiiime.  It takes persistence… trial and error… stubbornness… a desire to finish something you started even though the goal is several sessions away… with lots or rest and recovery in between those sessions.

And so much of training is a mental battle …. and I would argue even more so for a smart person…. which of course I are.  I think people who think more and who are rational and analytical can easily realize, “Wait… this hurts… NOT doing this feels better… I am not even a spec on another non-spec we call Earth in the ever-expanding vast cosmic ocean.  Fighting against gravity with steel and rubber does not mean anything and is actually quite silly.  I shall go eat doughnuts.”

But then I think about it more, and I think it’s good to think.  Because like anything else, you get better at thinking the more you do it.  You can even get so good at it that you can step out of that piece of your brain that perceives “pain” and “discomfort” and “doesn’t understand why you keep doing so many cleans” or “why you are sitting on a machine with a sliding seat and spazzing out by yanking on a plastic handle connected to a bike chain.”  And then you can focus on things like “why you started training in the first place” and you can EVEN start…. “liking” … the feeling you originally perceived as “pain” and “discomfort.”  And it’s not as tough as it may seem.  Just tell yourself you like it.  I used to be kinda freaked out by turbulence on airplanes, but then one time I just decided I would start liking it.  And it totally worked.  I absolutely love it.  It makes being crammed in an aluminum tube with a bunch of other humans…. who have entrusted their lives to a person who told the airline, who then in turn told all the passengers, that he/she knew how to fly planes… so much more enjoyable.  Try it out.

And keep working on the ever-evolving puzzle that is “fitness.”  Actually, we will help each other.  Because I know there are times when we are discouraged, when we “give up,” when we’re not seeing/feeling/noticing results, when we don’t know why we do this…  That’s why this type of environment/community is so great for “fitness.”  I certainly didn’t get that far in that puzzle above by myself.  I definitely didn’t get to my level of “fitness” by myself either.  And I’m like… soooooooooo fit.