• Monday, July 1, 2013

    Welp… looks like nobody did their part in eating this lovely tray of beans on Saturday.  SawMill Grill prepared this beautiful batch of luscious beans for us and you jerks didn’t have a single spoonful.  Unreal.  Even after that long workout in the hot, humid, smelly gym.  What better post workout recovery is there than

  • GREAT One Year Celebration

    THANK you to everyone who came out today.  It’s QUITE flattering that so many came out to support us.  There will be very little cheesiness and/or sappiness at this time… Just a “Thank You” and a “We Love You All” for now.  It’s been a fantastic year.  You all have helped create an environment with

  • Down East’s One Year Celebration: Saturday June 29th

    Team WOD followed by lunch on us, provided by our neighbors at SawMill Grill Here’s the deal: teams will be put together randomly.  You don’t need to show up with a team put together.  The winners of the Team WOD will receive one free month Down East membership. Team WOD starts promptly at 10:00am, so