COMMUNITY DAY this Saturday, November 1 at 10AM! Breakfast at SawMill at 11:30! FREE for everyone! All are welcome!  This is something we plan on doing the first Saturday of every month.  At previous Community Days, we have done “Team” workouts that require communication/strategizing/fun/etc…. and they have gone really swell.  Will that always be what we


    Fri: 5:30AM and 9:00AM Classes ONLY… Closing after 9:00AM class. Sat: Closed. BUT Thu: We will have 12:30 and 5:30 PM Class in addition to 3:00-5:30 PM OPEN GYM. During those classes we will be running the Friday workout. So there’s that. Sorry for any inconvenience…. You’re welcome for the extra rest day(s).

  • New Intro Class Starting October 27th

      So, I hear you were enjoying the Log Jam omelette with a side of peach cobbler at Sawmill grill last saturday and you couldn’t help but be curious about those crazy people across the street who walk around with barbells over their head.  You’re probably jealous of all the fun that they have and have been