• A Top Ten List from Audra

    As we approach a brand new year, there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll all come across a few people in our lives with a resolution of losing weight and working out. There are quite a few options in this lovely area, but there is only ONE World’s BEST Gym. I’ve taken it upon myself

  • The 15 WTF-iest Photos of 2014

    Double Yoo… Tee… Effph…   15 I prefer Becky’s non-rubber-hose-related method of enduring misery.   14 No can opener.   13 Thanks honey.   12 Just makin’ a not-so-clean getaway with some items off the back of a garbage truck. Cori stands in the corner and calmly observes.   11 Joy for the third pic in a

  • Best Merritt Photos of 2014

    I guess it all started with THEE photo above, now shown in glorious B&W.  I remember that day.  He was there all by himself for the early AM class on a hot summer morning in the old gym.  There were  (still are) other snapshots of him from that morning in which he looks wonderful, but nothing like