• Most Wonderful Pictures of 2015: Part d

    Here it is… our TOP TEN pics of 2015.  Or I mean here they are…  or the list IS here… and the photos ARE here.  Whatever. If you missed the first 25, feel free to check those out too. Part A (35 – 21) Part 2 (20-11) Merry Christmas. Love you and miss you. Love,

  • Most Wonderful Pictures of 2015: Part 2

    Merry Christmas! Hopefully you got to view Part A.  If not… start there… or don’t!  See if I care. Here are the next 10 “best” pics of the year.  Top 10 coming within a day!  AND a nice Merritt list of course before the year ends.   20. This was from 15.2 during the Open…  my

  • Most Wonderful Pictures of 2015: Part A

    I did not take as many photos this year as I did last year.  BUT… there are some definite winners in here.  If you didn’t make it on this list,…. it’s probably a good thing.  I am really not interested in ranking things that are actually “good.”  At the same time, I absolutely love countdowns.