What You Should Know About Down East CrossFit

To outsiders, it’s just a gym charging big dollars for some weird, bearded guy to make you pick up heavy things, flip dirty tires and get you to somehow pull your toes, chin, chest hair and gorillas over that pull-up rig with a sarcastic picture of Miley Cyrus for motivation.

To members, it’s a source of happiness.  You were expecting words like, stronger, healthier, faster, ripped, blah, blah, blah.  Those words are redundant in our fitness-crazed-get-fit-quick society.  Our members DO get stronger, faster, ripped, look better naked, and all those other things that you think you want when you’re going to spend your hard earned money and free time on a gym membership.  But, to Down East CrossFit members, it’s so much more than that.  Because we are a community of people that believe the best in one another, who cheer you on to keep going when you think it’s impossible, and who notice when you’re not there and encourage you to come back.  Getting fit is hard, really hard!  It takes dedication, persistence and hard work.  I mean, a LOT OF HARD WORK and not for a couple days or weeks, it takes months and years.  So, how do you get yourself to work that hard, for that long, and actually like it?  You join a gym where the other members become your friends who won’t let you give up, who rejoice with you in your victories, and know how to enjoy a Log Jam omelet at Sawmill Grill after a Saturday morning of sled pushes in a monsoon of sweat.  For members, it’s about getting stronger so they can FEEL better about themselves.  It’s doing things that seem impossible and then being rewarded with a dose of euphoria because you accomplished something you weren’t sure you could.

So, while you may be reading this looking for a smaller waistline or bigger biceps, you’ll probably get that if you work hard enough, but you might find that the rest of the intangible benefits are what keep you motivated and happy.

The Details

Down East CrossFit is a community-centered fitness facility located on Hwy 17, across from Saw Mill Grill, in Hampstead, NC. Our main focus is group classes that promote overall health and wellness by increasing strength and mobility as well as amplifying conditioning through basic, functional movements that can be scaled to any ability level.

What We Do

What that really means is that we do a lot of different things like: box jumps, wall balls, tire flips, sled pushes, running, rowing, burpees, pull-ups, muscle-ups, cleans, squats, deadlifts, snatches, kettlebell movements, toes-to-bar, GHD machines, airdyne, and all the other random stuff that John can come up with to make you stronger.  If this sounds unfamiliar or intimidating, don’t worry.  We have a fantastic 6-week intro class that will introduce you to most of the movements and prepare you for our regular daily classes with confidence. Click here to learn more about our intro class.

Program Format

The ever-evolving program, which follows a “Workout of the Day” format, is always fresh, challenging, and fun. We learn new movements and skills, gain strength and proficiency, and then we test (and re-test) these movements and skills with an infinite combination of rep schemes and time domains.  We promote the “3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off” weekly schedule. In essence, this means our athletes usually workout Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and they take a rest day on Thursday and Sunday.  Taking a rest day after pushing yourself to the limit ensures recovery, which is essential for your body to bounce back and come back stronger and faster than you were. We also offer yoga classes which will focus on stretching and recovering from the week’s workouts.  See our schedule for details.  If you have specific goals that you’d like to accomplish in the gym, see our personal program design page for details.

The Facility

Our facility is 5000 square feet of non-air-conditioned and non-heated space filled with top-of-the-line equipment to train our muscles and minds (except maybe those airdynes, those are part of the vintage-grandma-line).  If you’re looking for built-in fans on the treadmills, a smoothie bar, and a stand for your magazine, you’re in the wrong place.  We work out in the elements and get our sweat on, rain or shine.  If you have kids, they are welcome.  We have an enclosed area for children as well as itty bitty chairs for them to sit and watch you workout.  We also have two restrooms for those of you coming from work and need to change.

We hope to see you in the gym soon.