• Quite Terrific Photos from 2016 (Part threeve)

    A Thai restaurant tried to poison me on Christmas Eve. I violently barfed six times early Christmas morning… and did some other terrible things that probably made me “Worst Houseguest of 2016.” So if my tone during this seems hateful towards the universe/humanity/F. Scott Fitzgerald, I do not mean any of it. I hope everyone

  • Real Nice Pics From 2016 (Part 2)

    I organized the order of all the photos on this list several days ago… but had yet to deeply [over]analyze them until now.  So I am about to… while in the passenger seat on our drive from NC to Indianapolis.  And this sort of thing makes me carsick…. and it’s a pain in the butt

  • Most Wonderful Photos of 2016 (part one)

    This yearly countdown …in which I make fun of people who pay me money… has become one of my favorite things as the President of Jozvej, Corp. dba Down East Athletics aka Down East CrossFit. Thank you to Erin for loaning me her sweet picture-taking device so many times AND for also taking bunches pics of