• Gear to Maybe Keep in Your Gym Bag

    I kind of hate gear.  Depending on what workout we’re doing, so many of us (me too) have to take all this time to put on some kind of velcro shoe, stretch something around our knees or waists, create adhesive origami to protect our precious palms, wear a helmet, … whatever.  As much as I would like

  • Sort of Random But Sort of Not Random Thoughts

    I’m done saying, “I’ll write one blog post a week.”  I obviously won’t.  It’s hard to put these whacko thoughts in my head into words.  But I have a few thoughts right now… and I’m gonna try to share ’em.   Some ideas for a new motto for DEA  (to go along with World’s Best Gym)

  • 4 Years Oh Wow Oh Man Oh My Goodness

    Next Saturday, July 2, 2016 …. We will have been open for 4 years and 1 day… so someway / somehow, we are going to “celebrate.”  Please join us for a tough workout and then stay for what the kids would call “a good time.”  We still have a bag of frozen burgers from last year