Before we get into anything else…

    Yes you read that correctly.
    Yes your membership is carrying over.
    Yes if you prepaid you have the same expiration date.
    Yes your punch card is honored.
    Yes I am coming and so are our coaches.
    Yes I am still coaching classes and am available for personal training/programming.
    Yes we will be out of this ex lawnmower shoppe by the end of this month.
    Yes this is sudden for all of us.
    Yes this is a change.
    Yes I am happy and excited about this.
    No I will no longer be a gym owner.

    So yeah…. we’re moving… just up the road a tad…. and the two Hampstead CrossFit gyms are turning into one big CrossFit gym … with locker rooms and showers.

    I know change makes people uneasy. I do I do I do. I know people may have emotional attachments to this place (or at least the person writing this does). I know one of the best things (or the best) thing about CrossFit is our community… bonding with people who have this same weird interest as you… building relationships… learning about ourselves … challenging our bodies and minds through daily competition with ourselves and each other… encouraging and cheering for each other… getting together for dinners… cooking for each other….. sharing recipes… going out for drinks…
    And I know we have a good community at DEA and in Hampstead in general.

    Recently, I was staring out into space… zoning out hard…. thinking about the last five years, thinking about… THE FUTURE, thinking about next year’s Open, thinking about how long I was going to be Johnny Gym Owner, thinking about Ozark on Netflix, thinking about soooooo many things…. and eventually the thought of making this big change popped in my head… and the idea of just having one big community up here really made me feel good. It did.

    When I opened the gym, it was for my love of CF and training hard. I wanted to create an environment with a positive vibe and meet folks who shared my passion and help them modestly become fit/strong/beastly/whatever and be happy with themselves. And above all else, that’s what I want people in the Hampstead community to have. I want moms to be able to train with other moms, I want competitors to push themselves against other competitors, and I want the moms and competitors and kids and lawyers and dentists and pilots and everyone else to work out with each other and play pranks on each other like tricking the coach that your water just broke. And with this merge with CFR, we will be able to do everything we do now…. and more…. and strengthen the CF community in this region.

    Our last workout here will be Remembering the Raiders of Hotel Company this Saturday, August 26.

    If you have any questions, please contact me personally (not in the Comments, please.)

    Thank you for over five years here! I’m way excited for our gym family to continue and expand together just up the road…with locker rooms… and with showers.

    Love love love,


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