Sierra DuBois

I once did CrossFit for about 3 months about 4-5 years ago.   At the time it wasn’t something I was really into or motivated to do.   I was 26, could eat anything I wanted and not worry about a thing.   Before that you couldn’t even pay me to stay physically fit.   I didn’t play sports in school, the mile run would take me a solid 23 minutes.

Then I had a baby… 29 years old and I was feeling unhealthy and out of shape and in all honestly I was hit with that dreadful unspoken postpartum depression.   I refused to get medication, or see a doctor.   I had to do this on my own.

My husband was concerned and so was I.   He went to DEA to buy an old assault bike they were selling and he came home with a card telling me they were starting an intro class soon.   I was skeptical.   I couldn’t do that intense of a workout and be able to care for my son while being sore and tired.   I gave it a try.. For my son, so he could have a healthy, active mother… For my husband, so he could have a healthy, active wife and just maybe we could have something that we enjoyed together.   I did it mostly for myself, so I could live longer for my family, so I could be happy and vibrant again.  So I could be myself but maybe even a better version of myself.

So here I am. 10 months later. Happy, healthy, and absolutely loving the fact that I am in better shape at the age of 30 than I have EVER been in my entire life. And I haven’t quit. I quit everything. I’m a quitter. I feel defeated with everything I do. But with amazing coaches and an amazing gym family I truly feel more motivated than I ever have. CrossFit hasn’t only changed me physically but it’s done so much for me mentally that I don’t think I could ever give it up.